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What is Code Word Food?

  • Great Food Comes From Great Recipes - Code Word Food
    Great Food Comes From Great Recipes - Code Word Food

Mr and Mrs. Winter have gone rogue. For years they have protected the world from poor nutrition and flavorless diets. Together they have put into motion worldwide events that have shaped cuisine as we know it. They’ve done this for years and they have no intention of stopping. What you’re looking at is an online repository of classified information that they have risked life and limb to procure and share with you.

Are you trying to impress your mother-in-law with an exciting appetizer at the next family get together? Try our tequila lime ceviche. Wanna load up your nieces and nephews with sugar before you send them back to their parents? Make our super easy peanut butter cups with them. Inside these digital pages are a treasure trove of delicacies that will make your friends want to party at your place and make your family think you’ve got your life together.

Whatever mission you’re on you’ll find recipes so good you’ll think they’re hiding something.

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